Lindau for connoisseurs

Winery Teresa Deufel

Lindau for connoisseurs

Winery Teresa Deufel

A 200-year-old blue and white farmhouse with Lake Constance shimmering in the distance – the picturesque setting of Teresa Deufel’s winery in Lindau. A large tree in the courtyard provides a meeting point for participants of wine tastings, occupants of the holiday homes and visitors to the “Rädlewirtschaft”, as the small winery bars are known around Lake Constance. In this relaxed atmosphere they sit and enjoy regional delicacies and the house wines.

Continuing her father’s life work

In 1975 Teresa Deufel’s uncle and father founded the vineyard together. At that time wine growing in Lindau had been dormant for many years. The new rail connections to Italy meant that people preferred to buy the more “sophisticated” southern wines. Between the 13th and the 19th century this town on the shores of Lake Constance and its inhabitants were well versed in making wine. Vines grew throughout Lindau – as can be seen from old copperplate engravings. Teresa Deufel’s father and uncle successfully reintroduced the local Lindau “lake wine”. Thanks to the help of numerous workshops they worked their way up from fruit growers to winemakers.


Becoming a winemaker was not always Teresa Deufel’s dream. It was only with the death of her father that she decided to get to know the company business better. She is determined to prove to her critics that even a “girl” can run the business successfully, “even though my father isn’t there to support me, as would be the case in most family businesses.”

Many traditions preserved, others turned upside down

Teresa Deufel still makes the sparkling wine called “Der Summer” using the traditional recipe of her father and uncle. It has now become a well-known and popular brand in Lindau.

But she also not afraid to plough her own furrow. While her predecessors produced as much wine as they could, her focus is on quality. This young winemaker refuses to use weedkiller and instead sows flowers. These attract bees and other beneficial insects. “This makes our vine slopes look rather wilder, but also more natural,” she comments. With her “back to the roots” approach, she works in a traditional way with wooden barrels and lets the wines ferment naturally, with no additives.

Teresa Deufel mit dem Traktor im Weinberg

Teresa Deufel thins out the vines in order to avoid rot, removes leaves to allow light and air to get to the berries, and harvests the selected grapes by hand. Organic viticulture requires a lot of hard work. Guests on wine tasting tours soon realise this when Teresa Deufel shows them what she has to do in the vineyards. It’s quite an eye-opener for many visitors, but quality takes time and effort.

The vineyard in Lindau on Lake Constance: a place for true connoisseurs

In the courtyard of the winery, happy laughter and lively conversations can be heard into the late evening. “There’s no stress here and people enjoy just sitting and talking,” says Teresa Deufel. Both locals and visitors love coming to her winery. It’s a popular meeting place for “people who enjoy good food and wine and a generally convivial atmosphere. We’ve got style here, but without going over the top.”


Teresa Deufel

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