Der Waibelhof

The five-star mountain farm

The Waibelhof in the Allgäu Alps

The five-star mountain farm

The Waibelhof in the Allgäu Alps

Time appears to have stood still in the picturesque Gunzesrieder Hochtal valley in the Allgäu Alps. Just like their precedessors, the people predominantly run mountain farms here, and farm the more than 70 "Alpen", as the alpine meadows are called here. The 300-year-old Waibelhof is one of these mountain farms. The farm is still operational – and guests are given the opportunity to experience a traditional holiday and spa experience in the holiday apartments.

Traditional holiday and spa experience in a 300 years old mountain farm

The Waibelhof is situated in the heart of the Nagelfluhkette nature reserve; a true paradise for mountain hikers. In the winter, you can climb the mountain on skis or can slide down the pistes at the nearby family ski resort of Ofterschwang-Gunzesried. Christine Waibel-Beer is the daughter of the farmers Peter and Gabrielle Waibel. The dietician was born and raised on the farm, and still lends a hand on a regular basis. She hopes to take over the farm in the future. "The Waibelhof is a typical monoecious Allgäu farm", she explains. "Behind the farm, on the windward side, you can find the barns. The cattle are in the middle. This radiates a lot of heat, thus insulating the front part of the farm, where the people live." This compact way of building is typical of the Allgäu. "The ceilings are very low, approximately 2.05 metres high. It is very cosy."

Peter und Gabrielle Waibel

The Waibels predominantly farm cattle, with heifers, goats and sheep. If they like, guests are welcome to help with the haymaking, and children can help to feed the small animals. Peter Waibel is also the "Alpmeister" for the Rappengschwend Alpe. Some of his cattle spend their summer on the Alpe and visitors participating in the guided tours of the alpine dairy can sample fresh alpine cheese direct from the Alpe. The Waibels are part of a dairy co-operative along with 13 other farmers, and run a cheesemaking factory and a shop. As such, they have been able to preserve the Waibelhof as a traditional mountain farm.

Rustic guest appartments with modern country house charme.

Six holiday apartments can be found on the farm. "From the outside, we have kept everything very simple – just like a traditional mountain farm", says Christine Waibel-Beer. "Our guest apartments are also rustic, but offer four- or five-star comfort. Our guests sleep on pocket spring mattresses. The kitchens are very well equipped and we have modern flatscreen televisions." Each apartment has been designed individually and radiates modern country house charm. Clear lines and bold colours meet checked patterns and natural elements.

Ziegen auf dem Waibelhof
Ferienwohnung auf dem Waibelhof

The closeness with nature continues with the spa concept. The Waibelhof is a certified Kneipp health resort: "Guests can tread water, walk on the dew barefoot and do everything else to do with hydrotherapy. But Kneipp means more than this", says Waibel-Beer. "Kneipp also said that before people go to the chemist's, they should look to God's pharmacy." God's or nature's pharmacy on the Waibelhof is a 120-metre-square herb garden.

A Cleopatra bath with mountain-fresh milk.

Waibel-Beer: "We serve these herbs fresh to our guests everyday as part of the breakfast buffet." Guests can also take herbal teas made on the farm back home with them. After breakfast, guests can relax with massages using pure natural oils from a local Allgäu producer. Further spa options include relaxation, purification and wellness baths. "The conifers are very popular amongst the men. Women tend to prefer the Cleopatra bath with mountain-fresh milk from our valley", says Waibel-Beer.

Frühstück auf dem Waibelhof
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