Viktualienmarkt in München

Gourmet in the heart of Munich

Thomas Lupper's stall at the Viktualienmarkt

Gourmet in the heart of Munich

Thomas Lupper's stall at the Viktualienmarkt

Munich is proud of its reputation as a "cosmopolitan city with a heart". This motto is especially noticeable at the Viktualienmarkt in the centre of the city. Here, between the brightly coloured market stalls and a blue and white maypole, you can feel the city's heart beating.

'The most beautiful office in the world'

Each day, this square sees the paths of locals, guests and market traders cross. The social interactions and authentic atmosphere make "Munich's front room", as the Viktualienmarkt is known amongst locals, one of a kind.

Viktualienmarkt München

Around 110 market traders offer their local products and exotic delicacies across over 18,000 square metres. Thomas Lupper is one of these traders. The Viktualienmarkt is his home. He has been working at what he considers to be the "most beautiful office in the world" since 1993, when he began as a temp. Between 1995 and 1998, the 46-year-old managed an Asian shop together with his sister Ursula Lupper. The same year saw them launch their speciality business: Feinkost Lupper.

The company is divided up into a cheesemongers and a shop selling Spanish delicacies, which Thomas Lupper opened in 2004. Customers can discover over 300 different types of cheese at the cheesemongers. These include homemade varieties – like the brie with a truffle filling and, of course, the Bavarian "Obazda". Thomas Lupper also sells Iberico ham, chorizo, herbs and spices, and wines from Spain.

Thomas Lupper

Early mornings at the market stall

Thomas Lupper's day begins at seven o'clock, when he opens his market stall. The Viktualienmarkt is already full of hustle and bustle in the early morning. Pedestrians scurry around the square with their shopping lists, whilst the traders arrange their goods. Thomas Lupper receives deliveries of fresh produce almost every day. He carefully unpacks these, checks them for quality and then displays them decoratively on his stall.

The final preparations have barely been completed before a visitor appears at his stall and orders "three slices of Obozen". Thomas Lupper laughs and tells the man how the Bavarian speciality is supposed to be pronounced, before explaining that it is a cheese for spreading. Incidents like this don't fluster him now. He treasures each and every customer.


Thomas Lupper, who was born in Munich, knows almost everyone at the market. The interactions between the market traders are especially friendly: "The market traders are like one big family. We support each other – even if that just means helping out when a colleague needs some change. No-one is worth a fiver without the others", he explains.

Thomas Lupper an seinem Stand am Viktualienmarkt
Weinauswahl bei Feinkost Lupper

Delicacies in the ``front room``

The Viktualienmarkt has remained true to its farmers' market origins. Despite this, it has become a popular place to shop amongst connoisseurs. Temptations in the centre of Munich are not far away from here. There is an opulent array of goods to titillate the stomach on almost every corner, whilst seductive aromas pervade the air. Fruit and vegetables, meat and sausages, fish, bread, cheese, tea, honey and spirits all invite you to go on a culinary tour of discovery. For the traders, it is all about business, but here the clocks tick slightly differently. Everyone always has time for a chat here.

'Tradition lives on here.'

For Thomas Lupper, the village charm of the market is symbolic of his home town. "Tradition lives on here. Everyone knows it – the market traders, the regulars and the visitors who shop at the market", he says. Those visiting the Viktualienmarkt don't just love good food, they love Munich too.

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Feinkost Lupper
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