Wir sind Rhöner

From the field and the spring straight to the glass

“We are Rhöner Beer!” initiative

From the field and the spring straight to the glass

“We are Rhöner Beer!” initiative

Visitors will fall in love with the picture-perfect scenery of the Rhön mountains. Against a backdrop of these gently curved mountaintops and striking hills lie the picturesque farming villages typical of this region. They are also called “beer villages” – these sleepy little places in the middle of endless, thick beech forests and gleaming fields of golden barley. Here people still know each other personally. The villages are named after one of the many treasures of the region: the distinctively falvoured local beer.

Beers of character beyond the mainstream.

People in the Rhön district devote themselves to the production of liquid gold with skill, artistry and a unique concept, combining nine breweries, two farmers and a malthouse into a single initiative. “We are Rhöner Beer!” is the name of the project, the aim of which is to source all the raw materials for their beer – except the hops – from the small villages in the heart of Germany. The ingredients: crystal-clear water, naturally, and the hearty summer barley, which gives colour to the landscape and Rhöner Beer its distinctive aroma.

Team Museumsbräu
Michael Horsch & Eugen Hippeli

We are Rhöner Beer: everything good from the region

The members of the beer initiative all agree: The region needs beer made with barley from the local fields and water from its spring which goes from barrel to glass, no detours. And it has to be produced in an ecologically sound way. This is also the view of Thomas and Werner Land and their employees in the Rhön malthouse in Mellrichstadt. They are members of the initiative and produce the malt for the brewing process. “We supply predominantly small breweries, often still in sacks,” explains Thomas Lang.

Kreuzberg Brauerei

The Rhön region is small in geographical terms. The Langs therefore only have to travel short distances to their customers. This is sustainable and good for the environment. Similarly, Rhön malt has long been made in an eco-friendly way – the electricity required to dry the malt is “green”. It comes from a biogas plant. Even so, Thomas and Werner Lang feel a sense of commitment to tradition: “We will continue to do the skilled work by hand,” promises Thomas Lang. The Rhön breweries feel the same way and take the same approach as the malthouse and the farmers. Their focus is on creating a distinctive and regional beer identity. The members of the beer initiative are genuine local artisans.

Enjoy distinctive beer under a clear, starry sky

Visitors can go and discover these traditional yet progressive companies for themselves, on a cycle tour through the picturesque Rhön beer villages for example. A circular Beer Cycling Trail, which runs for 115 km, allows guests to experience at first hand all the breweries involved in the initiative. At the same time they can marvel at the spectacular natural scenery along the way. The region varies between dense woodland and open moorland, expanses of basalt blocks and limestone quarries, a cacophony of birdsong and utter silence. Looking up on a clear night, you will see all the beautiful stars that city lights hide from view. It is a place to sleep in peace – just like the farmers, malters and brewers of the “We are Rhöner Beer!” initiative. And when the sun rises, they are back to work with a passion for every step of the brewing process, from the stalk to the tankard.

Karmeliter Bräu
Rhön Malz GmbH

Members of the ``We are Rhöner Beer!” initiative

  • Bionade
  • Brauhaus Niederlauer
  • Brauhaus Oberstreu
  • Karmeliter Bräu
  • Klosterbrauerei Kreuzberg
  • Pax Bräu
  • Privatbrauerei Lang
  • Rother Bräu
  • Streck Bräu
  • Michael Horsch (Landwirt)
  • Eugen Hippeli (Landwirt)
  • Rhönmalz GmbH (Mälzerei)
Pax Bräu

Wir sind Rhöner Bier!

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