Die Fexer beim Auftritt

New Brass

A folk festival without brass music – not in Bavaria! The lively, joyful sound of the trumpets, horns and tubas is deeply rooted in Bavaria's customs and self-image. Visitors to the Free State of Bavaria also love experiencing the traditional folk music to gain an insight into Bavarian identity.

Brass bands are part of Bavarian tradition, and yet they are as full of life today as ever: Exciting young brass bands combine traditional brass music with elements from the worlds of jazz, rock and swing. The result is a contemporary sound, which offers a new interpretation of Bavaria's musical traditions.

The bands live and love their music – and so do their fans: Young party-goers make up the majority of the audience. But older generations are also rediscovering Bavarian brass music with these new, modern and exciting brass bands. It is a great way for visitors to gain an authentic insight into the musical traditions of Bavaria.

In our "New brass" section you can read about how modern brass music is enjoying a revival at festivals, in Bavarian opera houses and in the instrument builders' workshops. Our stories describe how musicians are impressing both locals and guests with their music, and getting people up and dancing.