The ``Plootzer`` request a dance

Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair

The ``Plootzer`` request a dance

Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair

Lindenkirchweih Fair 2016 in Limmersdorf as a 360 ° event

People dressed in festive garments are celebrating. They laugh and dance four metres in the air, around an old tree. A band accompanies the dancing and provides a jovial atmosphere. The scent of freshly grilled Bratwurst sausages floats through the air: It is Lindenkirchweih in Limmersdorf. Locals and tourists, young and old celebrate the day that their local church was inaugurated in traditional style.

Young locals laugh and dance four metres in the air, around an old tree.

The Kirchweih Fair in the Franconian village of Limmersdorf is the highlight of the year. No-one wants to miss the moment the young dance partners – the so-called "Plootzer" – ask you to dance at dizzying heights around the 300-year-old lime tree. Each year, the unique atmosphere of the Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair attracts locals as well as numerous guests from across the world.


Young ``Plootzer``: an old tradition

The Kirchweih in Limmersdorf dates back to 1540. The traditional festival has been held in the Franconian town since then. The "Plootzer" and their helpers begin work on the preparations weeks and even months before the event. They set up the festival grounds, decorate the site and come up with a great programme of events for the guests. As, even though the Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair keeps up the old rituals, the Kirchweih is a different adventure each time it is held. Precious traditions are maintained and developed.

Veit Pöhlmann is involved in this process. In 1982, he was named as the first chairman of the association tasked with preserving and promoting the Limmersdorf Kirchweih tradition. "Our Kirchweih has its own schedule, which runs from Thursday to Tuesday. But visitors can only experience this if they join in with our Kirchweih, rather than just looking on", says Veit Pöhlmann, appealing to all guests.

Junge Plootzer beim Tanz
Unter der Linde

The Kirchweih as a popular place to be – now as it was then

The chairman has many happy memories from his childhood that are associated with the Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair. Visits from relatives, the festival church service and the church concert: "The dance lime tree, the square and the Lindenkirchweih have been with me my whole life", he explains. As a young boy, he used to watch with fascination as the adults played Sandbahnkegeln (or sand skittles) – it is a traditional Kirchweih game. The player who achieves the most hits from three throws wins the Krügla – a beer mug with an engraved tin lid.

Old traditions are maintained in Franconia just as they have been for many years. Limmersdorf and the entire region are proud of their traditions – and so they should be: Their Kirchweih Fair has been listed in the German List for Sites of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Furthermore, the association run by Veit Pöhlmann was awarded the culture prize by the District of Kulmbach. "As a result, more people in the village are now getting involved in our customs and are contributing to their preservation – something that is both good and important", the chairman explains.


Experience it up close – the Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih Fair

Visitors to the Kirchweih can look forward to pure tradition when it comes to food and drink too. From Krenfleisch (meat in a horseradish sauce) to Haxn (shoulder of pork) to Lachslabla (salmon) and Keesstanga (cheese straws): The traditional Franconian specialities include something for everyone – the perfect fuel to get you dancing. After all, everyone can take part, celebrate and enjoy the impressive Kirchweih Fair up close at the Limmersdorf Lindenkirchweih.

Next date: 26th to 29th of August 2017

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