Essen im Huberwirt

Fine dining meets traditional 'Wirtshaus'

Huberwirt in Pleiskirchen

Fine dining meets traditional 'Wirtshaus'

Huberwirt in Pleiskirchen

Alexander Huber stands at the regulars' table in his pub and makes jokes with his guests. It is just what you would expect of a good, Bavarian pub. The location of the Huberwirt is also extremely traditional: right next to the church, in the heart of Pleiskirchen – one of those pristine villages in the Holzland north of Altötting. Situated away from the tourist trail, the undulating and lush green surroundings have maintained their Bavarian roots. So everything as it was in Pleiskirchen?

Star cuisine inspired by Bavaria

Something is not quite right. A lady with immaculate hair, in a subtle yet obviously expensive outfit, takes her place right next to the fairly jovial group of regulars. She wouldn't raise an eyebrow in a swanky Parisian hotel; but in a Bavarian pub in Pleiskirchen? She has travelled almost 100 kilometres from Munich, just to eat here: in the Huberwirt.

Alexander Huber

Anyone who sees and samples the menu will not be surprised. Alexander Huber creates dishes of such elegance in the kitchen, that it was only a matter of time before he was awarded a Michelin star. The Huberwirt has been on this coveted list since 2013, and has been eight years since Alexander Junior took over the reins in the kitchen.

A family business – for eleven generations

And yet, the Huberwirt is no typical gourmet temple. Instead of basing themselves solely around their wealthy clientèle, the Huber family simply offer both: the very finest star cuisine on the one hand; and a classic Bavarian pub on the other. Two separate menus, but one and the same dining area. Admittedly, even the bar meals are of the highest quality. But they are affordable for the "normal" Pleiskirchen locals. The result is a wonderful mix of guests. And both parties love it: It is extremely relaxed in the Huberwirt.

Wirtsstube des Huberwirts

Maybe it is the only way it could be in a pub that has been run by the same family for eleven generations. The Hubers have been in Pleiskirchen since 1612. The pub gene must be extremely deeply rooted in the genetic make-up of the Huber family. At any rate, Alexander Huber has remained grounded, despite many years of experience at top restaurants like the Bareiss and the Tantris. Even as a child, he helped out in the pub; working alongside his parents, grandparents, uncle and aunties.


And that didn't put the little Alexander off the restaurant business? "No, not at all! I never heard my parents or grandparents complain; despite the workload. They were happy with their pub and their lives. It rubbed off on me." If the happiness rubs off Alexander Huber too, then there is a good chance that there will be a twelfth generation of Hubers in the pub. And it is true: His young daughter scuttles around the kitchen and the dining room. Who knows, maybe one day she will be bringing a second Michelin star to Pleiskirchen!

Sterneküche im Huberwirt
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