Freibäcker Arnd Erbel

Bavarian artisan baking – a free baker with body and soul

Bakery Arnd Erbel

Bavarian artisan baking – a free baker with body and soul

Bakery Arnd Erbel

The scent of freshly baked bread floats through the streets. It leads to the Erbel bakery in Dachsbach in Franconia. In one of the oldest bakeries in Germany, the staff are preparing the baked goods for the day ahead. They are kneading, shaping and glazing. And all of this goes on under the watchful eye of master baker Arnd Erbel. He is the twelfth generation of his family to manage the business, which was founded back in 1680.

Arnd Erbel is proud of the history of his traditional bakery. He knew from a very young age that he would take over his parents' shop one day. He is a baker with his body and soul.

Arnd Erbel mit seiner Tochter

Free to think and act as he pleases

Arnd Erbel knows his products inside out. For the baker, his daily work is far more than a job – it is his life. This is clear when you consider the ingredients he selects: Instead of having flour delivered, Arnd Erbel works on the field. "I quiver, rejoice and suffer with the grain, depending on whether or not the weather plays ball and creates good grain", says the master baker. Different weathers, different seasons – Arnd Erbel uses the grain that he has and thus avoids standardised flour.

He is a free baker. This means that he doesn't adhere to any standards and is fully independent. Free from lists of ingredients and additives – Arnd Erbel follows his intuition and his senses. And the result is truly special products like the Lebkuchen letters for Advent: flat, delicious Lebkuchen, packaged in high-quality boxes. His customers like to send these together with a lovingly designed card to friends and acquaintances.

In der Bäckerei von Arnd Erbel

Back to his senses in the bakery

The free baker is swimming against the current when it comes to preparation too – he doesn't have any modern machinery in his bakery. Feeling the dough with your hands, smelling the individual ingredients, feeling the warmth of the oven on your skin: "All of the senses are required in most jobs, but they are best-served in the bakery – there you get high sensory experiences", explains Arnd Erbel, enthusiastically.

'All of the senses are best-served in the bakery – there you get high sensory experiences.'

He sticks to the tried-and-tested methods practised by his ancestors. Thus, visitors to his traditional bakery can enjoy a little journey back in time. A journey that involves love for a product, the highest culinary demands and irresistible aromas.

Brezen entstehen in Handarbeit

Traditional bakery: Customers from small children to Michelin-star chefs

Aromas of chocolate and spices – products made by the free baker excite young and old. It is more than a matter of taste: It is a love for detail and the quality of the bake that impresses even Michelin-star chefs. Arnd Erbel creates the perfect bread for their menus. The fact that he can list the best chefs amongst his customers makes the master baker proud: "I used to travel a lot to meet my customers. Now it is the other way round: Now the world comes to me."

But the free baker doesn't differentiate between Michelin-star chefs, neighbours and tourists. It is important to Arnd Erbel that all of his customers are satisfied. "My greatest motivation is positive feedback; just like applause is for an artist." For him, children's opinions are the most important. He believes that children are the best indicators of taste. That is why he invites groups of nursery children and school groups to his traditional bakery, and makes fresh, hand-baked pastries with them. They also get to embark on a journey back in time that is full of flavour and tradition.

Das Brot ist fertig

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