Living from and with nature

Cultural landscape Allgäu Alps

Living from and with nature

Cultural landscape Allgäu Alps

Lush, green meadows, clean air, clear water and breathtaking mountain scenery: Local people and the many visitors all enjoy the impressive cultural landscape of the Allgäu Alps. But a lot of work goes into preserving this idyll.

With love and hard work for a cultural landscape

Armin Kling is deeply rooted in his native Bavaria. Together with his parents he runs a farm with holiday accommodation in Obermaiselstein in the Upper Allgäu. The farm has been in his family for twelve generations. Living from and with nature - there is no other way for the 34-year-old. For Armin Kling it is important to make others aware of this: “I want to convey to people that our landscape is beautiful and we are lucky to live here and experience it.”

Many areas cannot be accessed by machinery. In order to manage them, the cultural landscape has to be laboriously worked by hand or using special equipment. “We are happy to put in this effort because we know that it’s worthwhile – to keep our landscape the way it is”, says Kling with conviction.

He plays his part: Not only do his cows provide the milk that all the guests at the farm have with their breakfast: They are also important for preserving the cultural landscape – and with it a valuable piece of Allgäu identity: “Mowing is impossible in many places. If we didn’t graze our animals, our Alpine pastures would soon get overgrown. If we neglected nature, things would change for all of us. We live from it and with it,” explains Armin Kling. That’s why he takes his young steers up to the Alp each summer.

Pure Alpine idyll just outside the door

Surrounded by green meadows and a fascinating Alpine panorama, guests at the family business experience the impressive cultural landscape of the Allgäu Alps. “From our farm, visitors get an outstanding, uninterrupted view of our local landmark - the ‘Hirschsprung’, an impressive rocky pass. This view cannot be seen from everywhere in Obermaiselstein”, explains Armin Kling with enthusiasm.

'This view cannot be seen from everywhere in Obermaiselstein.'

From the holiday accommodation on the farm, visitors can get out into nature and up into the impressive mountains of the Allgäu Alps. Surrounded by deer, peacefully grazing cattle and dandelion-strewn meadows, one of the walking tours leads to Sturmannhöhle  Cave – the only accessible cave in the Allgäu. From the Dragon’s Gate, more than 180 steps lead down into the depths of the cave. Along the way, visitors discover rock formations dating back 120 million years and the “Höhlenkessel” – an underground stream with crystal clear water that has a slight greenish tinge. This tour can send a shiver down the spine – which could also be due to the fresh cave temperature of just four degrees centigrade.

Festivals with tradition

The connection of the local inhabitants to nature, to their homes and to their ancient traditions is also reflected in the many festivals in the community – such as the Viehscheid cattle drive, the Bockbierfest beer festival or the evening of folklore known as Heimatabend. “Visitors should definitely come to one of our woodland festivals. The festival site is one of the most beautiful in the whole southern region,” says Kling.

'Visitors should definitely come to one of our woodland festivals.'

A special attraction is the legendary “Stuiklopfer” (Stone Crusher). In this dance, the dancers strike a rock with iron bars. This harks back to an old tradition relating to the old mining and stone-working industry. In this way, all the local inhabitants do their bit to preserve the customs of yesteryear, and with them the cultural landscape of the Obermaiselstein region. Guests can take a lasting image with them from every visit.

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